Aude Bourgine的珊瑚雕塑上绣满了珠子,以保护玻璃的形式向“海洋之肺”致敬

2019-01-29 1969 0
法国视觉艺术家Aude Bourgine的作品来源于她对环境的热爱和对人类对自然世界所做的事情的愧疚感。这位艺术家利用纺织品、珠子和亮片,创作了一系列名为“海洋之肺”(Poumons des oceans)的展品,这些展品捕捉了珊瑚的美丽和脆弱。“海洋之肺”的雕塑模仿了活珊瑚独特的形状、复杂的纹理和生动的色彩。它们被装在玻璃钟形玻璃瓶中,既能作为奇观被隔离,又能免受人类双手的伤害。如果我们不迅速改变我们与环境的关系,到2050年海洋将会死亡,艺术家在她网站上的一份声明中说。& # 8220;他们的消失会带来灾难性的生态不平衡,气候和人类水平# 8230;我们必须留心这个普遍的原因,涉及每一个美国强生的# 8221;Bourgine有一个即将到来的个展在Le Petit-Quevilly圣朱利安教堂在法国北部从6月7日到30日,2019年。你可以在Instagram上看到更多布尔基尼的海上雕塑作品。(通过光纤工作室)

French visual artist Aude Bourgine’s work is informed by her love of the environment and a sense of guilt for what humanity has done to the natural world. Using textiles, beads, and sequins, the artist creates displays that capture the beauty and fragility of coral for a series called “Poumons des océans,” which translates to “Lungs of the Oceans.”Bourgine’s sculptures mimic the unique shapes, intricate textures, and vivid colors of living coral. Encased in glass bell jars, they are simultaneously isolated as objects of wonder, and also protected from harm caused by the hands of humans. “If we do not rapidly change our relationship with our environment, oceans will be dead by 2050,the artist said in a statement on her website. “Their disappearance will entail a disastrous imbalance on all ecological, climate and human levels…We must take heed for this universal cause, which concerns each and every one of us.”Bourgine has an upcoming solo exhibition at the Saint Julien Chapel in Le Petit-Quevilly in northern France from June 7 through 30, 2019. You can see more of Bourgine’s sculptural works of the sea on Instagram. (via The Fiber Studio)