Steeven Salvat的新插画系列

2019-01-03 2514 0
法国艺术家斯蒂芬·萨尔瓦特(Steeven Salvat)精心绘制了动物与机械生活在同一个世界的图画,比如他之前的甲壳类动物系列。他的项目展示了不同种类的鸟类把古董作为临时休息的地方,就像那只坐在打字机上的猫头鹰。“我想强调自然的脆弱与物体的不朽之间的对比,”萨尔瓦特·特尔博大说。这位艺术家在蜡笔纸上作画,然后用0.13毫米的旋转笔和中国墨水在纸上画出数百万条线。

French artist Steeven Salvat (previously) creates meticulously rendered drawings of animals inhabiting the same world as machinery, such as his previous crustacean series. His project Perchés showcases different breeds of birds using antique objects as areas for temporary rest, like the above owl which sits atop a typewriter. “I wanted to highlight the contrasts between lightness and brutality, fragility of nature and immortality of objects,Salvat tells Colossal.The artist works with watercolor on pastel paper, which he then draws millions of lines on top with .13mm Rotring pens and China ink. He collaborated with the Parisian studio Sergeant Paper to edit five drawings from the series in a signed and numbered limited edition of 100, which you can purchase via his online shop. You can view a time-lapse of one of his included drawings in the video below.